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Why not get yourself an Electric Bicycle.

Electric bicycles, or ebikes, are a great way to get around. They are faster than walking, easier than public transport, healthier (exercise plus less exposure to the joys of public transport colds) and are a kinder to the planet and your pocket.

leitner electric bike ebike e-bike
A Leitner Ladies Step-through ebike

Because they use a combination of their power and your power, they are easier to ride than a traditional non-powered bicycle, and so can be a viable choice for those with physical issues. They are a very economical as a transport option while expanding your comfortable range out to tens of kilometres. An average range for one of our electric bikes is 50 to 80 km (30 to 50 miles).

Electricity isn’t cheap, but it is cheaper than buying petrol and with more of the power we use being supplied from sustainable sources such as commercial solar, home solar or hydroelectric (here in Tasmania), an electric bicycle can pay for itself reasonably quickly.

Delivery (because I don’t live in Launceston)

For anyone living in our wonderful state or Tasmania, we are offering free delivery to your door.

Unfortunately we can’t post our bikes fully assembled so once we’ve assembled and tested your bike, we need to do some disassembly in order to post it to you which means some assembly will be required when it arrives.

We aim to leave your bike as assembled as possible for transport, but we still have to take off the pedals and handlebar since it is a flat box your bike would travel in. We can’t give general assembly instructions for all our bikes since they are all a little different, but we will provide instructions for your bike with the bike.

Also of course please contact us when you put on the pedals and handlebars if you are unsure of any part of the process.

Not sure what bike to buy?

What ebike to buy? Go to this page and have a read to get an idea of what to consider when choosing an electric bike. If you already know then please take some time to browse our selection below.

New ebikes are being added all the time so if you don’t see what you want, contact us at the shop and have a chat.