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i Ezy Fold Up Urban Bike Walkthrough

Our new bike in the shop is almost like a bike baby with the size of it compared to the other bikes in the shop.

The new I Ezy foldup urban bike.
The new I Ezy foldup urban bike.

You can see in the picture that it has a hinge in the middle of the main frame. It is hard to see but I can tell you that the handlebar height is adjustable and the handlebars fold down.

So far nothing special in the area of fold up bikes. They all do that. It is why they are called fold up bikes. 😉

The thing that makes this bike interesting is the rear end. You’ll note the two little wheels on the rear rack. They are not so that you can do exceptional wheelies, nor are they so you can roll the bike along on all three wheels at the back by tipping it up. They are there because the back of the bike hinges and the entire rear wheel assembly folds up under the bike leaving those little wheels at the ground.

Here is a picture to demonstrate.

rear wheels folded up under the bike
Rear wheels folded up under the bike

The rear wheels on the rack mean that the bike is happy to stand up by itself when not being used. The nylon bumper also acts as rear suspension when the bike is unfolded for use as an electric bike.

It is really quite a clever design.

If you also fold the bike at the centre hinge it gets even smaller.

bike folded completely
Bike folded at the rear wheel and centre hinge

If you drop the seat you can actually tow the little bike along on its rack mounted rear wheels. The idea of this is that you might catch a train into the city but then need to get from the train station to work. Well you need to move the bike around at the train station. Rather than wheel it as a full size bike, you can tow it like a roller bag at the airport.

This bike has three speed gears and a controller on the handlebars.

The battery is in the centre frame and another nifty feature is that the charge port in the frame also has a USB port so that you can us the bike to charge up your phone battery if you get stuck.

bike charge and power port
Charge port and USB port plus power switch on the side of the frame

The power switch and charge port etcetera are under a weather proof cover which is a nice touch.

battery connector and frame lock
Battery connectors and frame lock

The frame lock, like most fold up bikes, has a safety catch you have to lift before the frame lock will disengage. This is a good thing. You don’t want the bike trying to fold up on you while out for a ride.

frame hinge safety lock
Frame Hinge with black safety lock.

You can see the safety lock that you have to lift to be able to unlock the frame of this bike. The locking mechanism is also nice and chunky. It has a very secure feel.

head stem lock
Head stem lock

The head stem lock has a two part operation as well. The black part above the shiny bit has to be turned out of the way in order to release the headstem lever. Another security feature that gives the bike a nice secure feel.


  • Weight 18kg
  • 250 Watt brushless electric motor
  • 3 speed internal gears
  • caliper front brake
  • 36V, 10AmpHour Samsung Lithium Battery
  • Range around 30 to 50km depending the terrain and load on the bike
  • LED lights
  • Max load 100kg


So this bike is a well made little thing. If you want a small bike for short trips it is definitely one to consider.

I don’t think it is the bike to choose if you plan to spend a lot of time in the saddle. It is perfect for a few kilometres through a city, but perhaps not for long rides in the country.

It is also probably not really designed for big people or people who are a bit unsteady on their feet. This bike is a little bike with little wheels which means the burden of balance is more on the rider than the bike.

It is not a difficult bike to ride at all, but it definitely steers quickly and can be a hard ride with it having no real suspension, only a soft saddle and the nylon bumper in the back.

If you have a camper van, this bike could be idea. I have never seen an electric bike that rides like a full size one and yet packs up so small. You should definitely consider giving one a go if you find one in a shop, or if you are in Tasmania, pop into our shop and take our demo one for a ride.

If you have any questions you can contact us with the form below.

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