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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Tas Electric Vehicles

Welcome to Tas Electric Vehicles. Go to our about page to read more about us, but the short version is that we sell electric bikes here in Tasmania.

Jumper_at_beachElectric bikes have been around for a while, but have not become mainstream here in Australia probably because in the past they looked clunky and were heavy (also fuel cost a lot less and people were less concerned about the environment).

In the past their batteries were lead-acid which can be a bit on the heavy side. This limits how big a battery can be practically put on a bicycle and so limited their range.

But lead-acid is no longer your only choice. The development of very light lithium batteries and more efficient brushless electric motors has give electric bikes are much greater range.

The bike you see to the left is an electric mountain bike (one of our range) and most people wouldn’t realise that it had an electric motor in the back wheel and a lithium battery in the frame (the fat part of the frame at the front is a battery that can be charged in place or taken out for charging).

A typical electric bike from our shop will give you a range of 30kms for some models and up to 80kms for others.

Modern electric bikes have advanced computer systems on board to manage both power consumption and power delivery. Many only provide power assistance when you pedal which makes them very intuitive to ride (like the Jumper model above).

So the fear many people have that the bike will ride away without them just doesn’t happen. Don’t pedal and the motor won’t help.

There is a lot more to tell you about electric bikes. What to think about when you are looking to purchase and electric bike. What to do to keep your bike in top condition. What to do if your bike operates erratically.

Stay tuned and come back to our site to read more soon.

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