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Leitner Folding Electric Bike Walkthrough

The Leitner Folding Electric Bike

The Leitner folding electric bike is one of our most popular and sells mostly to those who need electric bike transport that is portable, but faster than a normal folding bike. This post will show you the main features of this electric bike in a lot more detail so you can decide if it suits your needs.

First up, this is quite a small electric bike. Even smaller when it is folded up, but it is large enough for most people. The frame length and handlebar height are not uncomfortable to ride. The small wheels does mean that it steers a bit quicker than most larger bikes which to some people can mean it can feel a bit unstable until they get used to it.

The electric motor’s assistance is very useful to those whose fitness isn’t what it once was, or who have bad knees, or for when the bike has a load on the cargo rack.

Leitner Folding Electric Bike folded up ready for the boot of a car.
1. Leitner Electric Bike all folded for transport.

Leitner designed their ebike to fit into most standard car boots, caravans or the sleeper of a truck so it is a great second vehicle or emergency transport vehicle.

leitner electric bike folded and resting on its foot
2. When folded it has a little foot

When folded it has a little foot so that it stands free while you get yourself sorted. This is a nice design consideration.

It is not a heavy ebike, not even 20kg, but taking the lithium battery out is a sensible move to make it even lighter. The lithium battery slides off its rails under the seat once you undo the key lock. The fact the battery locks into place is a good thing considering how expensive lithium batteries, but also remember to lock up your Leitner when you pop in to the shops.


Leitner folding electric bike battery with handle in the bike
3. Battery with handle, on/off and charge port.

The lithium battery has a convenient handle to make it easy to lift out of position. It can be left in the bike for charging though. You can see the charge port in the picture (3).

Leitner folding electric bike battery removed halfway with the key still in the lock
4. Battery lifted. You can see the key and lock pin.

You can see in the picture the key and locking pin that holds the lithium battery in place. Plus the frame rail the battery slides on to locks it into place.

Leitner folding electric bike with folding pedal not folded
5. Folding pedal not folded.
Leitner folding electric bike with fold up pedal folded up
6. Folding pedal folded up

To continue with its goal of being portable Leitner sensibly fitted it with pedals which can fold up out of the way. To fold up a pedal one just pushes it back towards the frame and the lock pins at the back disengage to let the pedal fold up.

Leitner folding electric bike folded and placed in a car boot for transport.
7. Folded into the boot

Picture 7 shows a red version of the bike in a customer’s boot as they head off with their new purchase.

Leitner folding electric bike battery resting on rear cargo carrier of the bike
8. The battery to give you an idea of size.

The battery in these bikes would be quite heavy if it were lead acid as was used in the past, but these days they are Lithium Ion and so only weigh about a third of what they would have for the same capacity. This makes them around 3 to 5 kg which doesn’t add significantly to the weight of the bike.

Leitner folding electric bike with seat folded forward to reveal the top of the lithium battery showing charge indicator and power switch.
9. Seat hinged up to reveal the battery.

You can see that the battery lives under the seat behind the seat-post so is central to the ebike and thus does not change the centre of gravity for the bike. This means it handles the same whether the battery is in or out.

The picture (9) also shows you the on/off switch and the charge indicator for the battery so you don’t have to guess how much charge is left. A normal 8 AmpHour battery (meaning it can deliver 1 Amp of current for 8 Hours ie it is a measure of its capacity) will get you around 30km.

Leitner folding electric bike handlebar mounted throttle
10. Throttle and gear change on the right hand side of the handlebar.

These bikes have both a sensor in the crank and a throttle (10) to engage the motor. This means you can ignore the throttle and just pedal or you can turn the throttle and treat it like a little motorcycle.

Power wise, these e-bikes don’t have that much so don’t require a motorcycle license to ride. A normal bicycle license is sufficient (I know they don’t exist yet, but they are coming I reckon. The Government would get revenue and one could be sure that a rider knows the road rules. I don’t know if they’d set a lower age limit, but I suspect they would. If your 7 yr old can’t pass the test then it won’t be legal for them to ride on a public road. Just my twenty cent prediction).

Leitner folding electric bike handlebar mounted controller showing boost and power remaining
11. Power controller

On the left hand side of the handlebar is the on/off and power controller. This lets you control the amount of assistance the motor delivers when you are riding using the plus and minus buttons. The red lights tell you how much power you have it set for. If your lights are connected, it also lets you turn your lights on and off from the handlebar.

Leitner folding electric bike standing up. A red step-through model
12. This is the step through folding version.

There are straight bar and step-through (12) versions of the bike available in our shop. The design of both are the same except for the frame bar and both fold up to the same size as per the pictures at the top of this article.

To stop yourself the bike naturally has brakes and since stopping is quite important, these have disc brakes.

Leitner folding electric bike front wheel showing front disc and cable brake
13. Disc brake front

Disc brakes are better in the wet than rim caliper brakes usually so this is a safety feature. Our more expensive bikes have hydraulic disc brakes. These bikes, being a bit more budget friendly, have cable actuated disc brakes as you can see on this front wheel (13).

The rear of the bike has a standard cluster and derailleur gearing system, and you can see that these bikes also have a bump guard (the black wire bit) that sticks out which is mainly so that the gears and derailleur don’t get damaged when you fold up the bike and put it in your boot.

Leitner folding electric bike rear wheel showing motor and derrailleur including metal bump guard that protects the rear cluster.
14. Rear gears and motor in the wheel hub

The motor is also in the rear of the bike and is the big silver hub you see in the middle of the wheel. This electric motor is a brushless one meaning that when the power is off the motor doesn’t create any drag. The back wheel is free to rotate and the bike is just a normal bike.

The main claim to fame that the Leitner folding Electric Bike has is the fact it folds (not much use if it didn’t considering the name). The frame lock and hinge assembly have a safety feature that even if the cam is disengaged, the frame won’t let go. In order to make the frame hinge, one must also lift the lock lever.

Leitner folding electric bike mid frame hinge and cam lock shown closed.
15. frame hinge lock
Leitner folding electric bike mid frame hinge shown open
16. Frame released

The handlebar lock is the same. It won’t let go until you pull the lever sideways. We demonstrate all this when you are in the shop in case it sounds a bit difficult.

Leitner folding electric bike showing chain guard.
17. Chain guard

This ebike also has a chain guard so that you don’t have to put your pants bottom in your sock when you ride and a rear cargo rack for carrying goodies.


Conclusion for the Leitner Folding Bike Walkthrough

There are more features. A rear lock down side stand which means that it won’t let go until you push the release lever with your foot, a nice padded seat, and reflectors and bell as required by law.

This is not a top of the line electric bike, but it is also not at the bottom. Although it has cable brakes rather than hydraulic, at least they are disc brakes.

Folding of the bike is very easy and yet the frame lock won’t release unless you specifically both unlock it and lift it.

Because it is such a light weight e-bike, often the battery can be left in when it is being packed up for the boot of a car.

And that is it for this post. I hope you have a much clearer idea of what this little folding electric bike is like now. Feel free to pop in for a ride. We almost always have one in the shop.

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