Our Range

Our Range of Electric Bikes

We have road bikes, mountain bikes, urban tourers, tricycles and more from;

  • Smartmotion
  • Leitner
  • BF Bikes
  • EARTH bikes
  • Powerped
  • Tebco
  • Other one off brands and end of stock runs when we can.

We also have second hand ebikes from time to time.

The bikes listed here on this site are all available to order, but we can’t guarantee we’ll have what you are after on the floor. Our range changes constantly, so the best way to know what we have for sure is to contact us.

The bikes below are examples of the different styles of bikes. Although pictured, some of the bikes below may no longer be in stock. Go to our Shop page to see what we have on offer right now.

Commuter and Urban Touring Bikes

For those that want to get from where they are to somewhere else and back again all on the road, cycle ways (and perhaps the occasional footpath) why not take a look at our road bikes.

EVO Gacela
EVO Gacela Step-through lady’s front wheel drive electric bike.

Road bikes are specifically for the road and so often only have front suspension.

Their tyres are generally lightly treaded, with a smooth part in the middle of the tyre to decrease rolling resistance on the road, which makes riding easier. The tyres are also not as wide as off-road bikes, which also contributes to less riding effort.

The bike pictured here (EVO Gacela) is an example. It has front suspension but no rear suspension. The rear suspension requirement is offset by the bike having a soft saddle with a suspension seat post.

(Notice this bike has a rear cargo rack and a step-through frame meaning you lift your leg through the middle of the bike to get on, rather than swinging it over the back of the bike. This is often termed a lady’s bike, but having a step-through frame also benefits those who may have a limited range of motion such as some older folk.)

Portable Bikes

Many people need a second transport option with their caravan or mobile home. For them, an ebike that folds up for easy storage an transport is the best option.


These bikes have a variety of frames styles, but most have 20 inch wheels (compared to most road bikes that have 24 to 29 inch wheels). Although they have small wheels, they are still full size bikes.





Step Through Folder
Step Through Folder

The good thing about bikes that fold up is they are designed to be easy to transport. The model listed here will fit in a standard car boot. This is great for an ebike that you ride to work.

You can bring it in and fold it up to set in the back corner of the break room or storeroom.

They are also a great emergency vehicle or short commute vehicle for those that are on the road in their truck or Recreational Vehicle camper.

I-amaze bf ebike for sale
BF Bikes I-amaze portable folding bike

We of course have a range of standard (not step-through) bikes like the one below.

EVO Jet Semi step-through Electric Road Bike

We have more than just the E-Motion range of bikes of course like the two Earth bikes below. You can find out full complete list in our bike shop.

Prime UI5
Prime UI5
EARTH Prime Mi5
EARTH Prime Mi5

Off Road, Mountain and Adventure Bikes

For those that want to go exploring where there are no roads, we have a range of off-road and adventure bikes.

EVO Jumper
EVO Jumper Dual Suspension Off Road Bike

These bikes differ to road bikes by having tyres with more tread, more suspension and generally a smaller saddle without a suspension seat post.

The bike above has its motor in the rear hub (the middle of the back wheel). The bike above is a dual suspension bike.

Not all off-road bikes have dual suspension, some only have it in the front like a road bike. These are known as hard tail bikes.

EVO 650B
EVO 650B Hard Tail Electric Bike

Hard tail bikes are a good choice for when you want a bike that you’ll use both on the road and off. Hard tail tend to be more efficient on the road (rear suspension absorbs some of your pedal force) while still having a frame and wheels tough enough to handle the more extreme riding environment of the great outdoors.

Dual Engine Electric Bikes

If you want to get really serious about your off-road adventuring then you should consider the bike below.

Big Bud Pro
Big Bud Pro Dual Engine Adventure Electric Bike

A bike like this doesn’t have suspension in the frame, instead it relies on its oversize tyres. Pump them soft (8 to 15 psi) and they’ll absorb a lot of the bumps of being off-road, but they’ll also spread flatter to let you ride over very soft terrain. These bikes are ideal for swamp, beach sand, mud, soft grass, rocks etcetera. These type of bikes are called ‘fat bikes’ (for obvious reasons) and are gaining in popularity rapidly. When your tyres are running that low a pressure, don’t try to go fast, and when you get back to hard ground, pump them up again. Soft tyres are dangerous in traffic.

This particular model has a motor in both wheels and the controller on the handle bars lets you switch it to ‘snow’ mode which will engage both motors and let your ride places you don’t expect to be able to ride.

Big Bud Fat Bike Dual Engine Electric Bike in the terrain it is suited to

Hub Drive vs Crank Drive

Not all of our electric bikes have their motors in the front or rear wheel.

Some have them in the middle where the crank goes through the frame.

1. Crank drive motor
1. Crank drive motor

There are pros and cons to having the motor in the middle rather than in the wheel.

A pro is that it makes the entire bike be able to use standard bike components. You can put any wheels, brakes, or gearing setup that you want.

A con is that some of the power from the motor is lost once it goes through the chain and sprockets to the back wheel.

Crank drive bikes feel a little different to ride than a hub drive bikes and the difference is hard to explain so it is best if you pop in and have a go.

Feel free to ask if you need to know more.