Hurricane Electric Bike Conversion Kit


The Hurricane Conversion kit lets you fit electric bike fun to your conventional bike.

It fits most larger bikes and is basically a wheel with a motor in it, battery (rack or frame mount), and a controller.

In addition are the sensors needed to tell the controller what is happening with your pedalling and your speed, so it can apply power to the hub motor to assist your riding.

Talk to us if you’re interested in a kit. Every situation is different because every bike is a little different.


The Hurricane Bike Conversion Kit comes in two styles; frame mount and rack mount.

– Fits most 20in 24in 26in 29in 650B and 700c Rim
– Max Speed – 26kmh / Max Range – 60kms
– 200W / 250W High Efficiency Brushless Motor
– 36V 15Ah / 12Ah* Lithium Ion Battery
– Includes Motor Battery Pack Charger Accelerator Assy and ALL Cables
– 13G 2.2mm Stainless Steel Spokes
– 12 Ah Samsung Frame Mount Lithium Battery
– Disc Brake Compatible
– DIY Fitting or Factory Fitting (Extra Cost)

Type: Bicycle Electric Motor Kit

Battery: 36 Volt 12 Amp Hour – Frame Mount 15 Amp Hour – Rack Mount.

Computer: Handlebar mounted controller/bike computer is available as an upgrade.


Motor: 200 Watt or 250 Watt brushless motor integrated into the front wheel hub. Wheel requires respoking with supplied stainless spokes to make new motorised hub to fit.

Gearing Setup: whatever is on your bike.

Brakes: Make sure your brakes are in good condition.

Wheel Size: 20in 24in 26in 29in 650B and 700c Rim

Battery: Lithium Ion
36V Lithium 12 AmpHr or 15AmpHr
Max Number of Charges:
Lithium – 600

Additional information

Weight 51 kg