iAMAZE BF Foldup Bike


The iAmaze is a superb portable bike.

It has both a twist throttle on the handlebars and pedal assist activation of its 200 Watt back wheel hub motor.

There are 4 levels of pedal assist.

It has six speed gearing and 20 inch kevlar reinforced puncture resistant tyres. The 36Volt 10 Amp Hour Samsung lithium battery is locked securely in the frame, and gives a range of around 35km (depending on riding conditions).

Although the bike is small, it has a 105kg capacity, and adjustable seat height which means it can be ridden by children or adult (to approximately 6 feet in height).

The bike is designed to be folded up and carried. The bike folds in the middle. The handlebars fold down. The pedals fold in. The seat post drops to the bottom. Use the built in grab handle on the centre frame to then pick up the bike to carry onto a train or put in your boot.

Mudguards and rear carry rack make this bike a great urban transport option to quickly and safely get you from train or camper into the shops or workplace.

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This is a great little bike designed for portability.

The 36Volt 10AmpHr Samsung Lithium battery is key locked into the frame and won’t be visible as a battery on a bike.
This should help stop people stealing your bike just for the battery.

Additionally the battery is key locked into the frame and then the frame has a safety lock on the frame hinge lock.


  • Seat height range allows children to six foot high people to ride this bike.
  • Shimano rear cluster six speed gearing.
  • 20inch kevlar reinforced puncture resistant tyres.
  • 36V 10Amp hour lithium battery.
  • Bike rack is a standard feature with attached luggage straps.
  • Full mudguards front and rear.
  • Frame bracing at the seat post doubles as a carry handle.
  • Height adjustable folding handlebar.
  • 4 Level PAS (Pedal Activation System)
  • Throttle control on handlebars (speed limited)
  • 200 Watt hub motor.
  • Folding pedals.
  • Around 35km range (varies based on geography and gear choices)
  • 105kg load rated.

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