Tri Euro 3 Speed Electric Step Through Tricycle with rack



This is a front wheel drive electric tricycle with super low step through height large capacity rear carry basket comfortable padded saddle and integrated front and rear lights.

It has both a front brake with a brake lock like a handbrake so your bike doesn’t roll away and it has back pedal back brakes. This means if you put pressure on the pedal in reverse it will slow down the bike.

The bike motor engages to assist when you pedal or you can choose to use the handlebar mounted finger throttle. The bike works best if you help it get started a little with the pedals but it is not a requirement. This bike will go without you having to pedal at all.

It is a three speed bike and is very stable and comfortable to ride.

There is a controller on the handlebars that lets you set the amount the motor helps you when you ride.

The battery is mounted under the rear basket and has a power switch and a charge port and also tells you how much charge is in the battery.

This bike has 24 Inch wheels with mudguards on all four to stop the road grime on wet days.


  • 36Volt 9 Amp Hour Samsung Lithium Battery
  • Range 30 to 50 km
  • Power 200 Watts front hub brushless electric motor
  • 24 inch alloy wheels
  • Weight 33kg
  • 185kg Load Capacity (Rider plus rear cargo)
  • LCD Backlit handlebar mounted controller
  • Length 1760mm. Width 780mm. Height 1150mm to top of handlebars
  • Front and Rear LED lights.

Additional information

Weight 33 kg