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How to unfold your portable e-bike

Unfolding a portable Electric Bicycle

One of the most popular type of electric bicycles, (or e-bikes), is the portable fold up type.

tebco journey ebike from taselectricvehicles
The bike of this article all unfolded ready to go.

These have been used as emergency transport for truck drivers and pilots, and as transport from the edge of cities into town.

They are generally quite small. Small is the key feature in fact. Some are so small that they can easily be taken on public transport and are used to bridge the gap between where public transport stops and one’s destination.

bike folded completely
Portable e-Bike folded at the rear wheel and centre hinge

You can see in the picture how small some bikes can get when folded up. The one still has the seat post and handlebars up. The handlebars on this unlock and fold down.

Common Features

Most portable electric bikes have the same features, they just vary in size, battery capacity and thus range etcetera

  • They all have a removable battery. Usually lithium.
  • They usually hinge in the middle of the frame.
  • The lock for the hinge also has a secondary lock to keep the main luck shut.
  • The seat will drop.
  • The handlebars will fold down.
  • The handlebars often will also retract.
  • Many have fold up pedals so that the pedals don’t catch on anything when you put it in the car
  • Some have a second fold up point like the one in the second picture where the back wheels fold under.

Here is a video demonstrating how to unfold the Tebco Journey Electric Bike

I hope the video helps if you’ve had any trouble.

In the video the handlebar lock is shown from both sides. I hope that doesn’t confuse you and make you think there is an extra lock.

If you have any questions or are interested in this bike please make contact below or drop into the shop (also we are happy to ship a bike to you if you are not in Tasmania).

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